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What is it?


CHE LAGARTO WORK & TRAVEL is a cultural exchange program that gives you the opportunity of working in different places in South America at any time of the year. The program is mainly aimed at students who want to interact with another culture, improve their English communication skills, learn how to speak Portuguese, broaden their CV and share an intercultural experience with people from around the world.

When and for how long?


Though you can take part in the CHE LAGARTO WORK & TRAVEL program at any time during the year, the best time to do so is during the summer. You can be part of the program for a minimum of three months and for up to a year. Once you’ve completed it, you have the option of staying at one of our destinations in the country for free for up to a week.

What is it about?


You’d be working IN reception, customer service, tour sales and activities, AND YOU WILL BE handling bookings or opening and closing cashboxes. You’d work eight hours a day and have a day off every week. Refreshments are included on the days you work. You’d have the opportunity of doing some sightseeing around the city during your free time.



In order to be admitted into the program a personal interview will be carried out in order to check your English level, competency and motivation for taking part in our program at any of our South American destinations. You must be between 18 and 30 years old. You must have a fluent command of English which will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently. You must be flexible in order to adapt to new situations and work in a mature and responsible way. You will have to attend a two-week intensive course and purchase the tickets to your destination.

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